John R. Hendricks, P.E.
Manager, Quality Assurance

John R. Hendricks, P.E., is the BGS Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, providing oversight for all corporate quality-related activities. He is responsible for the preparation of QA documents and assistance in procedures and in all levels of corporate and project personnel for quality-related matters. Mr. Hendricks is a SME with over 18 years of extensive experience in developing and installing Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) Programs and over 22 years of experience in seismic qualification. Mr. Hendricks is experienced in both federally regulated facilities and commercial nuclear power plants.

Mr. Hendricks has led over 40 audits, assessments, surveys, surveillances, observations, and trending verification activities, including conducting six nuclear supplier audits, and performing as the Lead QA Auditor for 21 internal audits and 16 commercial supplier audits. He provided regulatory direction for 27 utilities on seismic testing and Environmental Qualification (EQ) for the EPRI-SQURTS and the Joint Procurement Corporation owners group, including developing program methodology and writing topical reports and 40 implementation procedures. Mr. Hendricks was the program manager and technical director for over 4,000 projects for a third-party supplier of electrical and mechanical equipment that included CGD of over 8,000 electrical, 1,500 chillers, and 2,000 mechanical items. He was awarded the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) "Top Supplier Performance Rating Index Award" as the "Number One (1) Quality Supplier" for demonstrating commitment to project quality and schedule for delivery.

Mr. Hendricks holds several degrees, including Master's and Bachelor’s degrees in Nuclear Engineering and an MBA in Management. He is a registered P.E. in NC, OH, SC, TN, VA, and WA. He is certified as a Lead Auditor and is also a Level III Seismic, Electrical, EQ, Dedication, and QA Engineer.