Management Solutions for Complex Technical, Scientific, and Engineering Programs

BGS delivers solutions, innovation, and expertise to satisfy requirements and improve performance for federal programs and large technically complex projects.

We provide planning, analysis, management, and technical support for government programs and large complex projects across the government and commercial sectors. We deliver expertise and customized solutions that satisfy requirements at reduced cost; enable effective program planning and execution; and deliver the information needed for timely and effective management decisions.

Customized Program and Project Management Solutions

Our customized Program and Project Management Solutions are scalable and tailored to our clients’ critical mission needs. These include integrated management and reporting systems, management dashboards, business system integration and automation, and custom software solutions.

  • Project Management tools and systems – Configure and implement project management control systems with integrated cost, schedule, and risk information
  • Project Dashboards providing ready access to information on the baseline, cost, schedule, WBS dictionary, contract modifications, work authorization, organizational assignments, risk, performance (variance) reporting (see Experience Highlights)
  • Automation: Customized, intuitive software solutions for streamlined and improved processes, integrated project reporting and analysis, and improved flexibility to meet changing business requirements
Earned Value Management and Capital Asset Project Management

Expertise and solutions for assessment, training, compliance and performance.

BGS provides subject matter experts (SMEs) in Earned Value Management per EIA-748C and Capital Asset Project Management (per DOE O 413.3B). Our SMEs bring senior level experience from the government and commercial sectors to support federal programs and project teams with implementation, compliance, certification, and automated support tools. We support DOE Headquarters on EVMS reviews across the complex.

Our EVMS support services include:

  • EVMS Evaluation (Compliance and Gap Analysis)
  • EVMS Training
  • EVMS Implementation
  • Development of automated tools for EVMS reporting

BGS supports DOE Federal Project Directors (FPD) and Integrated Project Teams (IPT) in developing and maintaining the Performance Baseline, preparing Critical Decision (CD) documents and supporting reviews. We support DOE Headquarters on evaluating a project’s readiness in accordance with Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) to enable approval of a CD and move to the next phase of development.

Our Capital Asset Project support services include:

  • Independent Cost Estimates & Independent Cost Reviews
  • External Independent Reviews & Independent Project Reviews
  • Design Reviews, Peer Reviews, EVMS Certification Implementation & Reviews
  • Briefings for the Project Management Risk Committee, Environmental Management Acquisition Advisory Board (EMAAB), or Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board (ESAAB)

Our SMEs develop and review project documents including:

  • Project Execution Plans and Risk Management Plans
  • IPT Charters
  • Change Control Procedures
  • Performance and Lifecycle Baselines (including BOEs)
  • Work Breakdown Structure (Index & Dictionaries)
  • EVMS System Descriptions
  • Project Definition Rating Index Analysis


Baseline Development and Management

BGS provides planning and analysis for complex technical, scientific, and engineering programs and projects, including strategic planning, baseline development, budget development, performance-based program planning and management, change proposals, configuration management and decision support.

BGS has supported DOE programs and projects with strategic planning, budget formulation, and performance-based program planning, including:

  • Development and implementation of strategies and management approaches
  • External communication and program status reporting

BGS develops and maintains lifecycle and contract performance baselines for complex government programs and projects to include:

  • Master scheduling, estimating, risk management, cost development, and baseline integration
  • Evaluation of strategic, technical, and budget alternatives (“what-if” analyses) to respond to changes, promote efficiencies and reduce risks
  • Prepare baseline change proposals and maintain configuration management for lifecycle and performance baselines—maintaining compliance with contract and program requirements
  • Develop technical solutions to address program challenges or support the evaluation of technical alternatives


Expert Resources

BGS provides Project Managers, Project Support Professionals, and Senior Technical staff for government programs and for large complex technical, scientific, and engineering projects in secure, and highly regulated environments.

We support:

  • Planning and Baseline Management: guide baseline development based on program/contract requirements and clients’ strategic direction; develop WBS and back up material (e.g., dictionary sheets); prepare the logic driven integrated program, contract, or lifecycle baselines; prepare and process Baseline Change Proposals; and maintain configuration control
  • Financial Management and Budget Development: Prepare annual budgets and funding requests; manage funding and distributions and report on spend status and upcoming needs
  • Scheduling: P6 experts, administration, and training, including developing and maintaining baseline and working schedules
  • Cost Estimating: cost proposals, implementation of software tools, development of the basis of estimate with the backup required for certified cost or pricing, cost engineering and control, and develop Estimates at Completion and Estimates to Complete
  • Risk Management: risk analysis, assessment, and management of an active risk management program
  • Cost Data: support development of cost data and the administration of cost management tools (e.g., Cobra)
  • Project Control Systems: integration of estimating, scheduling, and cost software systems (e.g., P6, Timberline, Cobra, etc.) to support program/project management and reporting
  • EVM Development and Maintenance: assessment, training, development of processes and procedures, data analysis, and preparation of Variance Analysis Reports
  • Project Reporting and Reviews: develop, prepare, and deliver project status reports for the management chain and for external distribution; support internal project reviews with metrics, trends, corrective actions, and opportunities
  • Review Teams: provide Program/Project/Technical review teams comprised of industry experts with the in-depth understanding of requirements and best practices to evaluate status and deliver recommendations for correction, improvement, or enhancement
Experience Highlights and Recent Assignments

Experience Highlights

  • BGS directly supports DOE HQ on EVMS Reviews and Independent Project Reviews and participated in the development of the Project Management EVMS Interpretive Handbook.
  • BGS developed the EVMS WEBAPP for use at the DOE Portsmouth site. This EVMS web application is a front end of a WBS linked file management system that becomes the automated management tool for the project and serves as an automated version of the CAM’s Notebook. The application creates reports from background file folder in the configuration controlled EVMS systems (Cobra, P6, Accounting, etc.) to support EVMS reporting and analysis.
  • BGS has supported EVMS implementation at sites across the DOE complex and provided training and tools to maintain compliance.

Examples of recent assignments:

  • Providing SMEs for DOE EM Headquarters (HQ) project reviews and EVMS review teams.
  • Providing the full scope of project controls and project support for the DOE PORTS D&D Project: baseline planning and change management; project controls and risk management; DOE O 413.3B documentation; EVMS implementation; and project management software.
  • Developed customized, intuitive project management and project controls software solutions for large government contracts for integrated reporting and analysis and improved flexibility to meet changing business requirements.
BGS Program Management Capability Statement
BGS Program Management Capability Statement