Nuclear Engineering & Security

Boston Government Services, LLC (BGS) has become a leading provider of Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Criticality Safety, Operations Support, Safeguards and Security and Emergency Management, and Specialized Design Engineering in the DOE market.

Our Nuclear Engineering & Security business line provides the following key areas:

  • Nuclear Safety Engineering
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Specialized Design Engineering
  • Safeguards & Security Services
  • Facility Operations
Nuclear Safety Engineering
  • Nuclear Safety Engineering Program Development and Implementation
  • NCS Evaluations and Approvals
  • Hazards Identification, Screening, and Evaluation
  • Hazard Control Development and Implementation
  • DSA/TSR Development and Revision
Quality & Compliance
  • NQA-1 Software Quality Assurance: Assessment
    • Program Implementation
    • Software CGD
  • Equipment Qualification (Seismic and Environmental)
    • Assessments
    • Program Implementation
    • Training
  • Specialized Engineering Design Services
  • Fabrication/Construction Support
  • Test Plan Development
  • Engineering Program Development and Review
  • Fire Protection Engineering
Safeguards and Security Services
  • Security Program Surveys and Assessments
  • Information Security and Classification
  • Emergency Management
  • Security Program Planning and Optimization
Operations Support
  • NQA-1 Software Quality Assurance: Assessments, Program Implementation, and Software CGD
  • Training Program Module Development and Delivery
  • Procedure Development
  • Waste Management, Packaging, and Transportation Compliance
    • Waste Transportation Tracking Tools and Software
Experience Highlights & Case Studies
BGS personnel have extensive experience in complex and highly regulated environments. We understand the requirements and unique challenges of the federal sector and deliver support, services, and solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

We provide SMEs who evaluate programs and recommend improvements; highly skilled professionals to deliver products and services; and long-term support in key program areas.

The result is strategic and technical solutions that resolve issues, improve performance, and reduce cost.

Examples of recent assignments:

  • Developed DOE qualified NQA-1 QA Program for Safety Software
  • Developed a consolidated set of DOE-compliant Engineering Practices and Procedures for a major nuclear facility (FBP)
  • Support for strategy, planning, and management of cross-cutting issues for the full range of waste managed by DOE EM (EM-30)
  • Provided engineering and operational oversight of uranium enrichment plants (DOE NE)
  • Performed verification of NCS control implementation and developed a complete flow-down matrix for the NCS requirements (Fluor Paducah Deactivation Project).
  • Performed a Hazard Category 3 to Hazard Category 2 DSA/TSR upgrade for the U1A facility in support of future subcritical experiments (NSTec).
BGS Technical Services Capability Statement
BGS Technical Services Capability Statement