Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Safety for Next Generation Reactors: Domestic Uranium Enrichment, Accident Tolerant Fuel, NASA Missions, and Medical Isotopes

Information & Infrastructure Security

Protecting critical infrastructure and information: Industrial Control System Security, Security Operation Centers, Compliance Assessments and Authorization Packages, Virtual Infrastructure Security, Emerging and Smart Technology Security, and Cloud/On-Premises/Hybrid Mission-focused solution and service delivery

Alternative Energy Technology

Science, engineering, financial assistance and technology management for Wind, Solar, Hydro, Fuel Cells, Electric Vehicles, Smart Buildings, Biomass, Geothermal, Advanced Manufacturing, and other alternative energy solutions

Nuclear Operations

Nuclear Safety and Security for facilities and operations: Nuclear Safety support & training, Criticality Safety, Readiness for Operations, DOE EM Nationwide Safeguards and Security Roadmap, and NQA-1 Program

Environmental Management

Management and technical support for the cleanup of the legacy US Nuclear Weapons Complex: Engineering and Technical Review; Quality, Safety, and Environmental Policy; Operations and Project Review; and Financial Management and Communications

Engineering   |   Technology   |   Security

Advancing missions of national importance for government programs, national laboratories, national security facilities, nuclear operations, and environmental cleanup.

Engineers, scientists and technical professionals delivering services and solutions from strategic planning to field implementation

Capabilities and experience for the most complex, secure and challenging missions

Project Highlights

BGS - Enrichment Technology

Enrichment Technology

Provided complete design, fabrication, and testing for a gas capture system as part of a new gas centrifuge technology for isotope production and other applications at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

BGS - Authority to Operate

Authority to Operate

BGS assessed information systems, identified gaps, and created system security plans and documentation (authorization packages) to allow the client (N3B) to continue to operate the Enterprise Business Network, and four other mission critical systems (telemetry and Industrial Controls) for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Environmental Management contract.

BGS - Renewable / Alternative Energy

Renewable / Alternative Energy

BGS supports planning, management, and oversight of renewable/alternative energy R&D projects for the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy (EERE). This work supports our nation’s $2 Billon investment in renewable/alternative technologies such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Bioenergy Technologies. The program also includes Advanced Manufacturing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency and other investments important to our nation’s competitiveness and energy security.

BGS - Nuclear Threat Detection Software

Nuclear Threat Detection Software

Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL): BGS supports the Wearable Intelligent Nuclear Detection Advanced Technology Demonstration (WIND ATD) Project by providing IT project management and software development services for the next generation of integrated, mobile, smart technology used to detect nuclear threats.

BGS - Supporting Department of Defense Cybersecurity Compliance

Supporting Department of Defense Cybersecurity Compliance

BGS is the 4th company to be authorized by the CMMC Accreditation body to assess (C3PAO) a companies cybersecurity program for CMMC compliance. BGS can also perform a preliminary evaluation (RPO) to identify weaknesses, provide a roadmap to compliance and assist with updates to prepare for certification.

BGS - Updating the Cyber Defenses at National Nuclear Security Sites

Updating the Cyber Defenses at National Nuclear Security Sites

BGS performed Blue Team penetration testing and gap analysis of cyber defenses at two National Nuclear Security Sites. We are now working to modernize the IT infrastructure and increase cyber resiliency for the unclassified and classified networks. This project is consolidating 200+ security plans into the NIST-compliant Risk Management Framework and enhancing implementation of controls.

BGS - System Support of NASA Space Exploration Initiatives

System Support of NASA Space Exploration Initiatives

Providing NASA Pu-238 production system support services for ORNL to re-establish production of Pu-238, which uses isotopes to power deep space exploration probes. Supported development, automation, and system integrations of multiple technologies (IoT, databases, SCADA, visualization applications) in support of NASA space exploration.

BGS - Nuclear Safety Basis

Nuclear Safety Basis

Safety analysis to support plutonium heat sources (fabrication, handling, and storage activities for all ground operations) that power NASA space missions. This work supports the Idaho National Laboratory and NASA launch activities.

BGS - Safety Analysis for Nuclear Explosive Operations

Safety Analysis for Nuclear Explosive Operations

BGS has an updated safety analysis method and delivered training on that method that incorporates the latest requirements to ensure safe nuclear explosive operations at the NNSA Pantex Plant (HAR Process).

Our Capabilities

Boston Government Services | Mission-Focused Solutions | Nuclear Engineering & Technology
Nuclear Engineering & Technology

Nuclear Safety Engineering, Safeguards and Security, Nuclear Operations and Specialized Design Engineering services

Boston Government Services | Mission-Focused Solutions | Cybersecurity & IT Transformation
Cybersecurity & IT Transformation

Secure Operations, Compliance & Assessments, Information Solution Delivery for On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid environments

Boston Government Services | Mission-Focused Solutions | Environmental & Energy Programs
Energy & Environmental Programs

Program planning, management, and implementation of scientific, technical and engineering solutions

Boston Government Services | Mission-Focused Solutions | Project Support and Mission Assurance
Project Support & Mission Assurance

Performance management to satisfy requirements, improve performance, achieve mission objectives and manage Capital Asset Projects

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