In honor of Women’s History Month, BGS would like to take the time out to honor some of the trailblazers in their industries…who just so happen to be women.

Today, we recognize Vice President of Cyber & Technology Solutions, Bridgitte Mase.

Bridgitte leads and directs BGS initiatives in Cyber and Technology Solutions in the delivery of secure, compliant, innovation solutions that strengths the Nation’s security and energy infrastructure. In this role, she leads the pursuit and execution of business opportunities in and related to cyber security and innovative technology solutions. She supports the development and implementation of cyber security and technology program elements across all aspects of internal company information systems and provides strategic global IT and cyber leadership for systems managed or supported as a service for the Cyber and Technology Solutions business area. Bridgitte works with security, information technology (IT), and engineering stakeholders and a variety of security, IT, and engineering technical resources to identify, plan, and implement information technology, operational technology, and cyber security solutions to meet/exceed corporate and regulatory requirements. She spearheads several innovative BGS initiatives including creating the Cyber & Technology Innovation Center, dedicated to solving key technology issues, design technology using a Security by Design principle, and evaluating emerging technologies for government use.

Prior to taking on this role at BGS, Bridgitte came equipped with more than 22 years of experience in her STEM field, winning awards, serving on the board of many organizations and councils, and making a positive impact on the many people she’s worked with over time.

When asked what inspires her to excel in the male-dominated field of STEM, she responded, “Throughout history, women have been instrumental in changing the world. In my life, I’ve been inspired and influenced by women such as Emily Dickinson, who inspired with me her poetry; Rosa Parks, who inspired me with her bravery; Florence Nightingale, who inspired me with her compassion; Amelia Earhart, who inspired me with her adventurous drive; and my mother, who inspired me the most with her passion, strength, and encouragement.  She taught me to be thankful for all my blessings and encouraged me to pursue all my dreams without fear or limitations.”

No better words could be spoken of how women inspire women to see to it that their voices, skills, and purposes are known.

Happy Women’s History Month and many kudos to Bridgitte Mase for her work and contributions to BGS and the field of Cyber Technologies.