BGS awarded Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) contract for detailed design and construction of gas capture system

September 2019: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) awarded BGS a design/build contract to perform detailed design and construction of a gas capture system (GCS-A) to be utilized as part of a larger process at the laboratory. BGS was awarded the opportunity to execute the final design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of the new GCS-A module in accordance with the requirements of an ORNL-issued equipment specification. BGS is responsible for producing the design, reviewing the design prior to fabrication, and providing fabrication oversight of its subcontracting partners. An additional partner, Process Engineering Associates, provided process design support and input in accordance with the BGS Quality Assurance Program under a subcontract issued by BGS. Team member Vacuum Technologies Incorporated provided design input and is performing the fabrication of the GCS-A Module under BGS oversight.