Boston Government Services Cybersecurity and Technology team members Bridgitte Mase, Ron Ford, Jon Truan, and Jared Chambliss presented and led various discussions on cybersecurity and innovation at the 2022 DOE Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation Conference held in Portland, Oregon from June 13 – 16.  The DOE Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation Conference is an annual capstone event designed to strengthen relationships, expand upon cybersecurity and innovation strategies and tactics with the DOE’s geographically dispersed partners, provide development opportunities and promote a diverse workforce by sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Bridgitte Mase, VP of Cyber and Technology Solutions, along with Jon Truan, Cybersecurity Department Manager, led a presentation on the EFCOG Cybersecurity Working Group launch of the Cyber Center of Excellence, designed to develop and enable a skilled and adaptable workforce to address key challenges across the complex, collaborate across sites, and leverage capabilities.

Ron Ford, Senior Director of Cyber and Technology Solutions, led a panel discussion on K-12 STEM education and the importance of closing the federal cyber workforce gap by building a passion for cybersecurity in our youth early on.

Jared Chambliss, Senior Cybersecurity Program Manager, participated alongside other private and public sector experts in a panel discussion on managing risks and compliance.

BGS is proud of our presence at the conference and the contributions of our cybersecurity leaders in the industry.


BGS at Cybercon

Bridgitte Mase, BGS Vice President of Cyber & Technology Solutions (center) and Jon Truan, Cybersecurity Department Manager (far left), joined Department of Energy Cybersecurity leaders to discuss the new implementation of the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

BGS at DOE CyberCon

Ron Ford, BGS Senior Director of Cyber & Technology Solutions (far left), led a STEM discussion at DOE’s CyberCon in Portland, Oregon. BGS is committed to preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.


BGS at DOE CyberCon
Jared Chambliss, BGS Senior Cybersecurity Program Manager (second from left), discussed managing risks and compliance this week at DOE’s CyberCon in Portland, Oregon. At BGS, our cyber professionals understand how to enable the mission of our customers through effective, compliant risk management.