The International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) is a global, non-profit organization for companies, governments, academics and other professionals concerned about energy and related issues in the international community. On July 11, Dr. Jeffrey Binder, BGS Director of Laboratory Relations, will be a guest speaker in the IAEE webinar discussing opportunities and challenges in the least industrialized countries, and the need for the development of a plan and capabilities for the peaceful use of nuclear energy and energy generation.


The main topics of discussion include:

  • Government interaction with civil society in the analysis and evaluation of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy
  • Measures countries should take to develop capabilities and decision-making on building critical infrastructure for peaceful uses of nuclear energy
  • Measures governments and the international community can take to address risks
  • Nuclear energy as a realistic and economical solution for less industrialized countries
  • Critical characteristics of technology when deciding on the different alternatives of nuclear technologies available in the market and future SMRs

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