At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, BGS provided sponsor support to East Tennessee PBS and the Tennessee Department of Education to provide daily instructional content for Tennessee students.  From early April through the end of the school year, East Tennessee PBS along with Tennessee’s other five PBS stations, delivered high-quality instructional content at various times during the day.  The content was developed and provided by Tennessee educators in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education to meet a critical need to ensure all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities, regardless if their home has internet connectivity or capable devices.

As a non-profit viewer-supported television station and PBS member station, East Tennessee PBS provides lifelong learning opportunities to more than 2.7 million viewers in the region.  The station exists to serve the needs of East Tennessee as a community partner affecting positive change by educating, entertaining, and challenging minds. BGS is proud to continue to support East Tennessee PBS as a partner in Education Initiatives in 2020.

Along with this renewed commitment to support education initiatives, BGS is being featured in promotional spots that began airing in September 2020 and will run through November 2020.  These featured spots can be seen on the new World channel and on East Tennessee PBS during the NOVA Nature Block, PBS NewsHour, and throughout various programming.