Today is National STEM Day! This day is celebrated every year on November 8 to show the value of and encourage kids to explore interests and careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM education is critical in preparing our future engineers, researchers, and scientists. STEM occupations account for nearly 7% of all U.S. occupations and STEM workers play an important role in America’s innovative capacity and global competitiveness.

Boston Government Services (BGS) is proud to offer internships in #STEM roles and sponsor organizations such as the STEM Scouts. STEM Scouts helps girls and boys learn about science, technology, engineering and math through creative, hands-on activities, field trips and interaction with STEM professionals. The goal of the STEM Scouts program is to help young people grow in character and skills as they explore their curiosity about STEM fields. It is hoped that their growing knowledge will translate into the STEM-related careers that are so crucial to our country’s future economy. While the program focuses on future careers in STEM, it is ultimately designed to be challenging, thought-provoking and, most importantly, fun.

You can encourage the next generation of the STEM workforce to get involved through virtual learning opportunities or or virtually tour a Department of Energy National Laboratory. The Department of Energy offers resources for students, teachers, and the workforce to explore and learn more about STEM here: