President's Message

I founded BGS to be a trusted partner to government programs, providing effective solutions and promoting mission success. While serving in leadership roles both in government and industry, I found there were a few small businesses that really understood our objectives and could be relied on to consistently provide highly valuable support services. These firms became valued partners and were called on time and time again. When I formed BGS I envisioned a firm that delivered high value management and technical support services in complex, secure and highly regulated environments. I wanted to build a company that was known for its highly competent staff, delivering high quality services and solutions for our clients, and that would become a trusted partner for government programs and projects.

As BGS continues to grow, we stay focused on being a great place to work so we can attract and retain the best talent, because the best talent results in the best performance for our clients. We strive to be a good business partner, so we can leverage the strengths of other strong and capable firms. Most importantly, we never forget that our purpose is to contribute to the success of our clients. We work to earn the reputation of being the firm that clients call on first for high quality solutions—the firm they call back time and time again—the firm they think of as an indispensable part of the team.

This is the objective that motivates us and that we strive to achieve with every client.