BGS Mission, Vision & Philosophy


To provide engineering, technology, and cybersecurity solutions to the federal government and energy sectors’ most challenging missions.


To be a go-to provider of high value solutions that advance our national security and competitiveness, and promote a sustainable and healthy environment.

  • Do work that is exciting and important – work that advances missions of national importance, supports our national security and competitiveness while promoting a sustainable and healthy environment
  • Provide the talent and dedication to solve challenging problems and deliver the best solutions – the best talent delivers the best performance
  • Continually enhance our capabilities to allow us to do what our competitors cannot – better capabilities result in better solutions for our clients
  • Deliver mission-focused solutions. Aligning with our clients to see challenges from their perspective and delivering solutions that contribute to each client’s mission.
  • Emphasize quality, security, safety, and best value in everything we do
  • Operate with openness and inclusivity, welcoming all and value and respecting each individual for who they are
  • Have fun—enjoy our work and working together for better outcomes