Compliance & Assessments

We generate all artifacts for fully compliant Security Authorization/Certification & Accreditation Packages for all classification types and environments, perform testing activities, and assess for security compliance

BGS holds the GSA Schedule 70 HACS SIN demonstrating tested capabilities in:

  • High Value Asset (HVA) Assessments
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Hunt Activities
  • Incident Response
Compliance & Risk Assessments
  • All boundary types
  • All Classification Levels
  • Red Team/Blue Team Penetration Testing
  • Test effectiveness of Control Implementation
  • Evaluate Gaps
  • Comprehensive Report of Recommendations
  • Complete Mitigation Actions Upon Request
Complete System Authorization/Certification & Accreditation Packages (C&A) to obtain ATO
  • Create System Security Plan
  • Develop Policies, Procedures, and Plans
  • Contingency and COOP activities (Plans, Training, Tests)
  • Conduct Risk & Vulnerability Assessment and Plan
  • Incident Response Activities (Plan, Training, Tests)
  • Conduct Business/Mission Impact Analysis (BIA/MIA)
  • Conduct Privacy Needs and Impact Assessment (PNA/PIA)
  • Penetration and Control Implementation Testing
  • Create Plan of Actions and Milestones
  • Create Compliance Dashboards