The CTIC provides a forum for evaluating commercial tools for compliance to prepare for government use, maximizing value to both vendors and customers. With strategic vendor partnerships, the CTIC allows us to work closely with vendors to test the latest in tools and technologies, evaluate for security compliance, and offer our clients excellent solutions to meet any need.
Solving Key Technology Issues

Challenges with Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Smart Devices

A rapid influx of these device types absent of basic security design principles have altered the cyber threat landscape and increased organizational risks. Devices of all kinds have become Internet-enabled to connect people and functions to devices.  

BGS Cyber & Technology Innovation Center

In a landscape of rapidly evolving threats and new technologies there is a pressing need for experts who can quickly respond and deliver effective solutions matched with each client’s unique requirements.  The BGS Cyber & Technology Innovation Center (CTIC) was established to address emerging challenges and resolve complex, costly and time-consuming cyber security problems.  Whether protecting critical infrastructure or delivering innovative solutions that  advance cyber research initiatives, our experience with operational requirements in nuclear, government, and research cyber security environments sets us apart. 

BGS brings together expertise from government programs, national laboratories, military cyber threat teams, the intelligence community, and critical energy infrastructure to provide innovative and effective cyber security services and solutions.  Technological proficiency, partnerships with key technology providers, and access to experts in cutting edge cyber security research enables BGS CTIC to address each client’s unique requirements, quickly and efficiently. 

Using Security by Design principles, BGS CTIC assesses, designs and manages cyber security programs to meet client-specific environments and classification requirements. Our Security Operations Center capabilities include real-time security event monitoring, threat intelligence, incident response, and malware reverse engineering. 

The BGS CTIC core capabilities include: 

  • Compliance assessments – NIST, DFARS, CSF, CMMC Preparation 
  • Cyber Security research – on the forefront of technologies to ensure Security by Design 
  • Critical infrastructure support – solving challenges in Operational Technologies ICS/DCS/SCADA, and IoT
Technology Research & Development
Emerging Technologies
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Information Technology Solutions
  • Smart Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
New Uses for Existing Technologies
  • Evaluate new uses for existing technologies
  • Test capabilities
  • Ensure security compliance
Prepare Commercial Technology for Government Use
  • Analyze & Test for compliance (NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP)
  • Provide Gap Analysis
  • Recommend fixes to address deficiencies
  • C&A package preparation
  • Facilitate migration for government programs

Strategic Partnerships

Enable BGS to deliver innovative solutions to advance research initiatives, solve costly and time consuming problems, and protect critical infrastructure