BGS manages Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Cyber Security Programs at client sites and remotely (On Premise, Cloud-based, or Hybrid) from our secure corporate infrastructure, based on customer needs.
  • Log Collection: aggregation of network defenses, applications, and endpoints
  • Reporting & Dashboard: on demand reports and dashboards
  • Threat Intelligence: automatically updates malware, information on bad actors, and other potential IOCs
  • SIEM: correlates information and automatically prompts customized notifications
  • Threat Hunting: proactive practices to automatically scan for known IOCs and malicious connections
  • Ticketing: Automatically generated via SIEM API
  • Response Actions: EDR platforms automatically isolate questionable hosts and/or accounts of suspicion

Key SOC Features

  • Functions effectively and efficiently
  • Stops threats proactively
  • Maintains operations during response
  • Capability growth and ROI
Engineering & Maintenance
  • Engineer, integrate, and maintain tools, hardware, and software
  • Maintain configuration control
  • Support continuity of operations
  • Manage quality of service
  • Continual improvements
Secure Operations
  • Forensics & Reverse Engineering
  • Risk & Vulnerability Management
  • Content/Knowledge Management
  • Manage Assets
  • Manage SLAs and availability
  • Incident Response and reporting
  • Create metrics dashboards

Providing Critical Infrastructure Security (Industrial Control Systems, Distributed Control Systems, SCADA, High Value Assets, and Safety Software)

ICS/DCS Challenges: Targeted attacks are on the rise against devices once believed to have “Security through Obscurity.” Compounded with increased attacks and vulnerabilities, visibility and geographical challenges have increased the risk level. Our ICS cyber specialists enable mission needs for clients with a proven Defense-in-Depth approach to isolate critical assets appropriately and secure core components, while enabling secure connectivity to address mission requirements. We monitor ICS systems without impacting the operational integrity or availability of the system.