Nuclear Engineering & Security

BGS provides expert solutions in Nuclear Safety Analysis, Nuclear Criticality Safety, Specialized Design Engineering, and Safeguards and Security. We support projects ranging from small modular reactor licensing and design to D&D of the nation’s legacy nuclear security facilities. We touch virtually all market segments in the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear security industries. Our capabilities, experience, and innovative approaches have positioned BGS as a highly respected provider of these services in the nuclear business.
Nuclear Safety & Nuclear Criticality Safety
Nuclear Safety Center of Excellence
Specialized Design Engineering
Safeguards and Security
Nuclear Operations Support
Quality and Compliance
Noteworthy Projects
Key Capabilities
Deliver tailored services and solutions to meet each client’s needs
Talented engineers and scientists with experience across the nuclear facility lifecycle
Understand the requirements and unique challenges of both federal and commercial nuclear sectors
Efficient remote support via infrastructure, NQA-1 program, and effective project managers