The Nuclear Safety Center of Excellence was established to address the chronic shortage of highly qualified nuclear safety experts available to support challenging and complex projects, which is especially severe for nuclear facilities at remote locations with little attraction for long-term relocation of highly sought-after personnel. BGS provides this unique set of capabilities with a large talent pool available remotely from our Oak Ridge, TN office.


  • A pool of high-quality Nuclear Safety Analysis and Nuclear Criticality Safety experts at a reduced cost with improved efficiency
  • Project Managers to carefully manage tasks and workloads so program/project managers, task leads, and functional leads can collaborate effectively, reduce project time, and make optimal use of unique resources.


  • Computing resources, such as MACCS2, GENII2, SCALE, MCNP and other codes that are verified and validated for the specific project applications
  • DOE-accepted NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program allowing BGS Nuclear Safety teams to operate under client programs or under our own quality program and procedures
  • Ability to process, store, and transmit Controlled Unclassified Information in our Oak Ridge facility


  • Stable, secure, efficient home base to conduct remote operations
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Better focus on tasks without distractions from onsite operational issues
  • Optimized capabilities by leveraging a team of resources
  • Provides clients with the critical resources needed to efficiently support nuclear safety projects regardless of the client location