BGS employees support multiple projects requiring custom, complex systems and equipment to be specified, procured, and/or operated. We bring the capability and talent to deliver the design of complex systems from conceptual design to turnover. In conjunction with our evaluated fabrication partners, BGS offers a one-stop shop for design, fabrication, testing, and installation of complex systems and equipment utilized in nuclear and non-nuclear processes.

Design/Construction of a Unique Gas Capture System for ORNL Uranium Enrichment Centrifuge Program

  • BGS is providing complete design, fabrication, and testing services under our NQA-1 Program
  • We are performing the final design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of the system in accordance with the requirements of the equipment specification
  • BGS is responsible for producing the design, reviewing the fabrication plans, providing fabrication oversight, and performance of the factory acceptance testing of the completed module
  • BGS will provide installation support at the client’s facility