Our management and technical capabilities were developed in complex, secure, and highly regulated environments. The resulting approaches, capabilities, and expertise allow us to help clients plan, manage, and execute technical, scientific, and engineering programs to meet requirements, operational needs and performance objectives. Our blend of expertise, innovation, and experience translates to effective solutions tuned to our client’s mission needs.
Performance-based Project Planning & Management
Integrated Lifecycle Baseline Development and change control, and alternatives analysis, supported by Earned Value and Risk Management.
Customized, Intuitive Software Solutions
Automation and integration to streamline processes, improve reporting and analysis, and improve flexibility to meet changing business requirements.
Software Tools & Data Management Solutions
Supporting project controls and providing information for better management decisions, including Integrated Cost Schedule Control Systems and Project Management Dashboards.
EVMS Support
Providing subject matter experts (SMEs) in Earned Value Management per EIA-748 to support federal programs and project teams with implementation, compliance, certification, and surveillance.
Capital Asset Project Management
BGS personnel are experts in meeting the requirements of DOE O 413.3B for the acquisition of capital assets. We support contractors, DOE Federal Project Directors (FPD) and Integrated Project Teams (IPT) in developing and maintaining the Performance Baseline, developing Project Documentation (PEP, WBS, LCB, IPT Charters etc.), preparing Critical Decision (CD) documents, and supporting reviews.

Integrated Project Management Control Systems

We integrate components, automate functions, expand reporting, and enhance existing systems to satisfy requirements and improve performance resulting in fully integrated solutions.