Support for Cutting Edge R&D Programs

Scientific, Engineering, and Technical support for government and industry sponsored R&D activities

BGS scientists, engineering and technical professionals support energy, nuclear technology, and information security R&D from strategic program planning , through technology program management to direct support for demonstration, delivery, and implementation of cutting edge technologies that support our nation’s energy independence, national security, and competitiveness.
R&D Program Management & Support
  • Program Planning, Strategic Planning, Budget Development and Defense, and Financing Mechanism Support for Technology and R&D programs
  • Policy/Market/Technology analysis
  • Innovation and Technology Program Management
  • Project Monitoring and Assessment support for National Laboratory Projects and Financial and Technical Assistance Projects
  • Grant Application Evaluation and Selection Support, including Merit Reviews and Peer Reviews
  • Technical Training and Technical Information
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Interagency and International Collaborations
  • Direct engineering and technical support for technology R&D
We support the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) R&D program portfolio that is core to the Administration’s National Energy Policy and our nation’s competitiveness and energy security. We are engaged in program development for renewable and efficient energy technologies, working side by side with the EERE staff on program planning. We help to plan and justify the resources necessary to execute the mission, support the oversight in the execution of the plan, and evaluate the results and benefits from these plans. Our engineering, scientific, and program/project management expertise are central to supporting the EERE Programs.
We support technology development and deployment activities at National Laboratories including providing the design and fabrication of key components for cutting edge isotope enrichment technology.