Our management and technical capabilities were developed in complex, secure, and highly regulated federal environments. The resulting resources, capabilities, and expertise allows us to help clients plan, manage, and execute technical, scientific, and engineering programs to meet operational needs and performance objectives. Our blend of expertise, innovation, and experience translates to effective solutions tuned to our client’s mission needs.
Planning & Management
  • Strategic Planning, Program Planning and Management
  • Financial Document and Budgetary Data Development
  • Policy Development and Technical Oversight
  • Regulatory Policy and Compliance Support
  • Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Programs
  • Internal and External Communications
Our work for U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) programs demonstrates how our program management and implementation support covers the full lifecycle of the Department’s mission accomplishment. We support the DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM) Headquarters with strategic planning and technical support program and policy development, technical oversight for engineering and project management and technical support for nuclear safety. This includes environmental, safety and health, regulatory compliance, and all issues related to new technologies, waste management, transportation and safeguards and security. This assignment extends to direct support for EM field activities in complex secure and highly regulated environments.
Operational & Technical Support
  • Engineering, Technical, and Operational Reviews
  • Project Monitoring and Assessment
  • Quality Assurance and Software Quality Assurance
  • Nuclear Safety Basis, ES&H, Safety Integration and Management
  • Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Preparedness
  • Waste Management and Transportation
  • Cyber Security and Information Management
  • Technology Program Support