Program Management & Integration

Boston Government Services, LLC (BGS) delivers mission-focused solutions for challenging government programs and complex federal projects. Our blend of expertise, innovation, and experience translates to effective solutions tuned to our client’s mission needs. We support cutting edge Research and Development activities; complex operational activities; and critical federal programs.

Solutions for Challenging Technical, Scientific, and Engineering Programs:

Helping clients manage and integrate challenging technical, scientific, and engineering programs to meet operational needs and performance objectives. Our integrated approach enables clients to satisfy requirements, improve performance, and achieve mission objectives.

Federal Program Support

Planning and Integration Support

  • Program Planning and Management
  • Financial Document and Budgetary Data
  • Policy and Guidance Development
  • Regulatory Policy and Compliance
  • Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Programs
  • Communications

Operational and Technical Support

  • Engineering, Technical, and Operational Reviews
  • Project Monitoring and Assessment
  • Quality Assurance and Software Quality Assurance
  • Safety Basis, Safety Integration and Management
  • Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Preparedness
  • Waste Management and Transportation
  • Cyber Security and Information Management

Research and Development Management and Support

  • Energy and Technology R&D, Analysis, and Evaluation
  • Technology Program Planning
  • Grant Application Evaluation and Selection Support, including Merit Reviews and Peer Reviews
  • Innovation and Technology Program Management
  • Interagency and International Collaborations
Project Planning & Management

Our integrated approach enables clients to satisfy requirements, improve performance, and achieve mission objectives.

  • Performance-based project planning and management: Integrated Lifecycle Baseline Development and change control, along with Earned Value Management and risk management
  • Customized, intuitive software solutions: Automation and integration to streamline processes, improve reporting and analysis, and improve flexibility to meet changing business requirements
  • Software tools and data management solutions: supporting project controls and provide information for better management decisions, including Integrated Cost Schedule Control Systems and Project Management Dashboards.
  • EVMS Support: BGS provides subject matter experts (SMEs) in Earned Value Management per EIA-748 to support federal programs and project teams with implementation, compliance, certification, and surveillance.
  • Capital Asset Project Management: BGS personnel are experts in meeting the requirements of DOE O 413.3B for the acquisition of capital assets. We support both contractors and DOE Federal Project Directors (FPD) and Integrated Project Teams (IPT) in developing and maintaining the Performance Baseline, preparing Critical Decision (CD) documents, and supporting reviews. We develop Project Documentation (PEP, WBS, LCB, IPT Charters etc.).
Integrated Project Management Control Systems

We integrate components, automate functions and reporting, enhance existing systems to satisfy requirements and improve performance, and develop and implement updated fully integrated systems.

Experience Highlights
  • Mission Oriented Technical Support (MOTS) services in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) to support our nation’s clean energy future.
  • Consolidated Technical Support Services (CTSS) to DOE Environmental Management program offices for comprehensive technical support and subject matter expertise for Field Operations, Regulatory and Policy Affairs, and Corporate Services.
  • Providing the full scope of project controls and project support for the DOE PORTS D&D Project: baseline planning, development and change management, project controls and risk management, DOE O 413.3B documentation; EVMS implementation, and project management software.
  • Developed customized, intuitive project management and project controls software solutions for large government contracts. BGS developed the EVMS WEBAPP for use at the DOE Portsmouth site. This EVMS application is a WBS linked file management system that becomes the management tool for the project and serves as the CAM’s Notebook. The application creates reports from background file folder in the EVMS systems (Cobra, P6, Accounting, etc.) to support EVMS reporting and analysis.