Kenneth Saenz

Vice President, Strategic Development

Mr. Kenneth Saenz has over 30 years of experience in capturing and managing businesses in energy, transportation, consumer products and aerospace for both government and commercial clients. He draws upon his extensive executive experience in business operations, business planning, business development, marketing and technology planning.

At Allegheny Science and Technology (AST), Mr. Saenz was the Executive Vice President that held the executive responsibility of managing the operational activities of the $50M company. Mr. Saenz reported to the CEO and the Board of Directors and led the “Go to Market” strategy for the company. As AST was in the process of transitioning from an 8a company to a mid-sized company, Mr. Saenz reorganized AST into Strategic Business Units that were positioned in the marketplace around strategic capabilities and key personnel expertise. Mr. Saenz managed all business development activities in the National Defense, Intelligence and Energy marketplace. He created a new Defense Energy business and landed AST’s first contract through strategic partnerships and industry relationships. At the DOE, Mr. Saenz positioned AST across National Labs and program offices such as ARPA-E, OE, EERE and FE. Mr. Saenz was also the executive that negotiated the final teaming structure and pricing on a strategic $112M incumbent DOE contract that will ensure incumbent team stability and success.

At Booz Allen, Mr. Saenz was a Principal that managed both the Defense Energy and Fossil Energy business. The Defense Energy business had an annual revenue base of $30M and over 100 staff. This business included managing the renewable energy offices for military installations for the Department of Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corps. It also included Operational Energy programs focused on providing energy for the in-theater war fighter.

Mr. Saenz also led Booz Allen’s Fossil Energy business in the government market. This included all coal, natural gas and oil policy development, strategy, modeling and analysis consulting. He provided executive management for all of Booz Allen’s efforts at the DOE. Mr. Saenz was successful in capturing multiple multi-year strategic energy contracts at Booz Allen, the National Energy Technology Lab and Strategic Petroleum Reserve M&O, totaling over $100M in revenue. Mr. Saenz served on the Board of Directors of Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations (FFPO LLC.) that managed the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in New Orleans. Mr. Saenz was also the executive for all fossil energy contracts providing strategic vision and ensuring that performance goals were met for these long-term contracts.

Mr. Saenz managed Booz Allen’s support to the President’s National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf. This nine-month commission produced a strategic report to the President of the United States on the root causes of the accident and suggested actions that should be taken by both government (regulation) and industry (self-regulation) to prevent a similar accident from happening in the future.

Mr. Saenz created Booz Allen’s alternative energy business with the Department of Agriculture, DOE and Department of Defense. He brings a deep understanding and extensive experience addressing complex policy issues that cut across government organizations and agencies. Mr. Saenz managed Booz Allen’s support to an interagency Biomass R&D Board which coordinated all federal government activities on the use of biomass for transportation fuels, power generation and bio-products. Mr. Saenz also led Booz Allen’s support to DOE and USDA’s joint initiative to develop the National Biofuels Action Plan to support achievement of the President’s “Twenty in Ten” initiative. Mr. Saenz also managed the firm’s efforts inbiofuels research, buildings technology and energy efficiency, wind and solar business analysis to include distributed power generation to grid issues, industrial fuels flexibility and sustainability.

Mr. Saenz’s commercial industry experience was with Booz Allen, MCI and IBM where he was the executive responsible for managing consulting services in the energy, consumer products, transportation, aerospace and technology markets. He has managed complex business operations and technology consolidations as a result of major acquisitions for multiple commercial companies. Mr. Saenz also managed multiple operational strategy studies that included benchmarking and best practice reviews of business operations, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution and sales and marketing business processes.

Mr. Saenz has an M.B.A. degree from the University of Maryland (Robert H. Smith School of Business) and a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California.

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