• Developing licensing strategy, Safety Design Strategy and DSA/TSR for a new 3-D printed Small Modular Reactors to be built at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Performing a gap analysis and cost estimate for implementation of DOE-STD-3009-2014 for a hot cell facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Providing complete design, fabrication, and testing services for a unique gas capture system at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nevada National Security Site: Performed a Hazard Category 3 to Hazard Category 2 DSA/TSR upgrade for the U1A facility in support of future subcritical experiments (NSTec)
  • Supporting DOE-EM in the development and implementation of a complex-wide Safeguards and Security Roadmap to guide program enhancement and consistency
  • Support for strategy, planning, and management of cross-cutting issues for the full range of waste managed by DOE EM
  • Developing NCS evaluations to allow characterization and deactivation activities at the former uranium enrichment facilities (FRNP and FBP)
  • Developing the basis for criticality incredible for D&D activities at the former uranium enrichment facilities (FRNP and FBP)
Providing engineering design services for new facilities and infrastructure at the LANL EM site


Red Team and Blue Team Assessments for Y-12, Pantex, Savannah River, and N3B: The BGS Cyber team routinely performs red team and blue team assessments to evaluate the threat landscape for organizations, assess for compliance, and conduct penetration testing activities. Recent facilities where we have performed these types of activities include: Y-12, Pantex, Savannah River, and N3B.

Supply Chain concerns continue to increase for government organizations. It is critical for organizations conducting government business and handling government information to protect their own information systems to prevent inadvertently increasing risks to the government. The BGS Cyber team routinely performs NIST-171 assessments for private organizations, both large and small, conducting government business, and additionally maintain internal compliance with the standards. Recent NIST-171 assessments include Kinemetrix and Fluor.
C&A Packages for Y-12, Pantex, N3B, DUF6: The government requires that all government information systems create and maintain cyber programmatic planning documents in order to obtain and maintain the authority to operate. A compliant authorization package includes at a minimum: System Security Plans, Contingency Plans, Mission and Business Impact Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, Incident Response Plans, and Conduct of Operations plans. BGS creates full cyber programs and associated authorization packages for organizations and modifies existing cyber programs to address compliance deficiencies or improve efficiencies. BGS creates the entire range of security related packages needed for all device types in any classification environment.
Exascale Computing Project: The Exascale Computing Project is a $1.8B high performance computing project consisting of over 100 project teams with ~1,000 participants across the country. Our highly qualified staff designed and integrated a secure project management and agile software development toolset using Atlassian tools and custom integration with Oracle Primavera P6, and Deltek Cobra using Amazon Web Services Linux servers. Additionally, the staff managed and implemented the Business Intelligence Dashboard and supported the DOE review processes.
Automated Transportation Logistics and Analysis System (ATLAS): Each year, DOE spends tens of millions of dollars transporting hazardous and radioactive materials and waste. Working in partnership with DOE EM, BGS successfully updated and consolidated the legacy tools and systems into an enhanced virtualized cloud platform known as ATLAS (Automated Transportation Logistics and Analysis System), an enterprise cloud-based modernized solution. The system replaced redundant and less effective systems, while promoting compliance with regulations. Ease-of-access and reliability attracts users to this system. DOE managers are gaining detailed and complex-wide information to support management decisions, while realizing substantial cost savings.


Mission Oriented Technical Support (MOTS) services in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) to support our nation’s clean energy future.

Consolidated Technical Support Services (CTSS) to DOE Environmental Management program offices for comprehensive technical support and subject matter expertise for Field Operations, Regulatory and Policy Affairs, and Corporate Services.

Providing the full scope of project controls and project support for the DOE PORTS D&D Project: baseline planning, development and change management, project controls and risk management, DOE O 413.3B documentation; EVMS implementation, and project management software.
Developed customized, intuitive project management and project controls software solutions for large government contracts. BGS developed the EVMS WEBAPP for use at the DOE Portsmouth site. This EVMS application is a WBS linked file management system that becomes the management tool for the project and serves as the CAM’s Notebook. The application creates reports from background file folder in the EVMS systems (Cobra, P6, Accounting, etc.) to support EVMS reporting and analysis.