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Enabling compliance for Government Contractors as an authorized C3PAO and RPO provider


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Protecting Industrial and Distributed Control Systems, IoT and Smart Technology with Cyber Resilience

Our Services

Compliance Assessments

BGS conducts compliance assessments to address (CMMC, NIST, etc.) governance needs and ensure mission assurance. With a comprehensive cross walk to facilitate multiple compliance frameworks, we assess for both compliance and effectiveness by examining documentation, interviewing key individuals, and testing through activities such as penetration testing to compare actual behavior with expected behavior. We develop a roadmap to address deficiencies and implement best practices to address security beyond compliance.  BGS performs:

Federal Compliance Assessments – for Government boundaries
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance (CMMC) – for Corporate information systems processing Government data
Corporate Cybersecurity Assessments – for Corporate environments that do not process Government data
Cloud Security Compliance – for public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or FedRAMP boundaries
Software Application Security Assessments
Safety Software Assessments
Privacy Assessments
Risk Assessments
Technology Assessments

Authorization Package Development

Federal agencies require that all information systems, industrial control systems, and major applications submit an approved Authorization Package to obtain an Authority to Operate (ATO). Based on compliance requirements and mission needs, BGS creates authorization packages. The Risk Management Framework (RMF) is used to facilitate the security authorization process.

Temp network for Contract Transition
Establishing new boundaries

Secure Operations

BGS provides secure operations capabilities on-premise, in a secure cloud environment, and/or in a hybrid environment.  Our secure operations include enterprise security, industrial control security, IoT Security, all with the capability to provide Security Operations Center (SOC) development and management.  The SOC is dedicated to proactively stopping cybersecurity threats by providing expert staff, effective processes and efficient technologies to monitor and respond to security events.

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Response Actions
  • Customized Notifications & Alerts
  • Data Aggregation, Correlation, & Visualizations
  • Incident Response Play Book
  • Threat Hunting
  • Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Classified Computing & SCIF Capabilities

BGS designs and manages Classified environments at various client sites. We have a large pool of Q/TS-SCI Cleared resources who support secure missions.  In addition, the BGS Corporate Headquarters supports SCIF capabilities to facilitate support within our facility to process information at approved levels.

IT Transformation and Modernization

The BGS approach focuses on revitalizing people, processes, and technology to position the organization to quickly deliver services and solutions in response to changing needs and missions. Aligning the Strategic Direction, Operating Philosophy, Technology, and Processes eliminates the barriers between departments and allows the IT/Cyber organization to move beyond a support role to enabling mission success.

Software Engineering

BGS provides agile Software Engineering services, while ensuring quality assurance methodologies are utilized.  With our extensive experience and capabilities in the Nuclear Technology industry, we have developed robust software engineering processes and procedures, including those which utilize an NQA-1 approved program.  For customer engagements, we utilize their preferred methodology, processes, and procedures. Our Software Engineers commonly utilize DevSecOps and/or SAFe methodologies.


DevSecOps combines security requirements with the development process to support secure, agile development.  The resulting product integrates security and engineering, allowing for Security by Design.

SAFe – Scaled Agile

SAFe focuses on delivering an agile development product on a predictable schedule, resulting in faster time to market, while increasing the quality level.

ATLAS Project Highlight

Research & Development

Technology advancements and emerging technologies drive capabilities while increasing challenges. As technology enables the opportunity to work faster, smarter, and more “connected,” the challenge becomes technology integration, leveraging investments, compliance requirements, and staying competitive. In this area, BGS:

  • Supports technology partners in evaluating new technology for compliance and integration needs
  • Develops targeted, secure, customized solutions
  • Tests products and the integration of multiple product lines

Partner Network

Industrial Control System Security

Industrial Control Systems are integral to securing critical infrastructure, with continual increasing challenges and risks from cybersecurity threats. BGS is teamed with ICS industry leaders to ensure that the right mixture of solutions, processes, and resources are utilized to protect Industrial Controls, Distributed Controls, and Internet of Things (IoT). BGS focuses on: Asset Inventory, Configuration Control, and Visibility of Changes; Identification and Characterization of Risk; Understanding the Organizational Risk Tolerance Level; Tailored Security Controls; Monitoring communications; Physical Security Controls; and improving the ICS Network Architecture.

BGS leverages innovative mechanisms to secure Industrial Controls and increase visibility. Examples include:

  • Virtual machine technologies
  • Engineering segmented architecture
  • Security monitoring technologies specializing in ICS monitoring methods
  • ICS intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies
  • ICS cloud Security Operation Centers in a secure BGS cloud
  • ICS supply chain management
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Cyber & Technology Solutions Capabilities
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
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Congratulations to Patriot Award Winners

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BGS Leads Overhaul of DOE FEMP Utility Program Website

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BGS Awarded Key Resource Contract

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BGS Leads “First-of-a-Kind” EM Headquarters Support Contract
BGS Leads “First-of-a-Kind” EM Headquarters Support Contract

On July 30, 2019, BTP Services, LLC, a BGS, LLC,  joint venture with Trinity Engineering Associates, Inc, was awarded a $49.5M 5-year Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Environmental Management...