BGS is accelerating the pace of next-generation nuclear energy technology, R&D, and domestic isotope production, by providing nuclear technology services and expertise to clients in the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, NASA, and the commercial nuclear sector.

BGS supports next generation nuclear technology with the analytical tools, engineering practices, and a uniquely qualified team that includes top nuclear experts and engineers. We support next generation reactor deployment, fusion systems, domestic uranium enrichment technologies, production of accident tolerant fuel, space nuclear power systems, and medical isotope production.

BGS has more than 90 highly experienced personnel involved with nuclear technology projects and operations. Our work spans from regulatory approaches including development of guidelines and standards for nuclear safety engineering analysis, to establishing rigorous safety bases and design criteria for new technologies and facilities to ensure safe, efficient operation. BGS experts provide the insight and innovation needed to address licensing and operational strategies for a new generation of nuclear technologies and operations.

Nuclear Safety Engineering
  • Licensing support
  • Integrated safety analysis
  • Safety basis development
  • Nuclear criticality safety
Specialized Design Engineering
  • Design analysis and calculations
  • Mechanical, electrical/I&C, and structural design
  • Fabrication oversight and testing
  • NQA-1 and ISO 9001 programs

Work Highlights

BGS provides engineering and technology support for research, development, and testing facilities while ensuring safety, security, and improved operational effectiveness. Examples include:

Engineering Design

Engineering design and project management for the new centrifuge uranium enrichment technology, being developed by ORNL.

Integrated Safety Analysis Preparation

Integrated safety analysis and criticality safety for molten salt reactor fuel, being developed to support a new advanced reactor design.


Engineering design for a new TRISO fuel manufacturing facility that supports a high temperature, gas-cooled small, modular reactor design.


Design, criticality safety, export control, and licensing strategy for TRISO fuel manufacturing for a new micro reactor design.


Safety and licensing strategy support for scale-up of a new, domestic medical isotope production process.


Criticality safety and design support for accident tolerant fuel designs for GE-Hitachi/Global Nuclear Fuels.


Engineering design and trade studies for Idaho National Laboratory’s National Reactor Innovation Center, molten salt reactor test bed.